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Collection File Page Interface IconLink Node

A page interface defines an addon that will display content on a page

<IconLink width="" height="" Sprites="">URL</IconLink>

Width is the width of the icon. Optional. Required for sprites.

Height is height of the icon. Optional. Required for sprites.

Sprites is the number of sprites supported by the icon image. Sprites are regions of the image, repeating vertically down. Optional. Used as follows.

  1. Normal - the image that appears on the page
  2. Hover - image that appears when you hover over it. Defaults to 1.
  3. Clicked - image that appears during a click. Defaults to 2
  4. Down - image that appears when the icon is selected. Defaults to 3
  5. Disabled - image when the icon is disabled. Defaults to 1.

This page was last reviewed Saturday, April 04, 2009