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Collection File Page interface IncludeAddon Node

The includeAddon Node will execute additional Add-ons automatically. This a useful when creating Add-ons that supply common functions for other Add-ons.

If you create an add-on that holds styles, javascript or any other feature, you can include it in other add-ons with this node. Those add-ons will then output first what they internally produce, that when the included add-on produces.

For instance, the JQuery Add-on simply adds the Script tag to include the JQuery library installed with Contensive. If you produce an Addon that requires JQuery, you can either include the JQuery Add-on in your add-on, or add your own copy of the JQuery script tag in teh Other Heads section of your add-on and maintain your own copy.

Another example is the Navigator Base Collection. It provides two Add-ons, the Content and Remote Method. The Content add-on holds the styles and javascript required to run the Remote method, but does not, by itself, provide content. When writing an Add-on that uses a Navigator, Import the base navigator collection in your collection file to make sure it is installed, and include the Base Navigation content add-on in the add-on that creates the HTML for your navigation. From within your add-on, then call GetAddonContent for the Base Navigation's Remote Method with any changes to the default arguments you need.

<IncludeAddon name="" guid=""></IncludeAddon>

Name is used to identify the addon in displayed lists. If the GUID is not present, name is used to locate an addon for upgrades.

guid is string used to uniquely identify the addon. To create a new guid, use the Create GUID tool from Advanced Tool menu in the navigator any Contensive site


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