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A special case of OpenCSContentWatchList. The method returns a result set of all content that is related to the current content through the Topics section of the edit section.

When a record is edited, if it includes at least one topic, and it is marked to be included in the “What’s Related” list, a call to OpenCSWhatsRelated with its ContentName and record ID will return a list of other records with similar selections.

See OpenCSContentWatch for a list the fields returned.


Call ccLib.OpenCSWhatsRelated( ContentName, RecordID, Optional SortFieldList, Optional PageSize, Optional PageNumber )


ContentName – String, name of the Content Definition of the source content

RecordID – Long Integer, number of the record in the Content Definition of the source content

SortFieldList – String, a comma separated list of field names that determine the order of the records in the result

PageSize – used with PageNumber to assist with creating paged output. PageSize is the number of records to display per page. Page Number is the current page to display.

PageNumber – See PageSize for a description.

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