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To bring an image from your computer into the Library box

To bring an image from your computer into the Library box:
  1. Make sure the Authoring Links mode is applied, so that you see blue ADD tags
  2. Click on the blue ADD tag next to ADD a file
  3. Click on Library Files Record

This generates a box that says Add an entry to Library Files. In this box you can name an image and identify the folder it goes in. Note that the Folder drop-down menu contains a list of all the folders you have created.

You can also adjust the image in any way you wish, just as we described above. The fields in this Add an entry to Library Files box are just like the ones in Image Properties – see above for details.

To tell the system where to find this image, type the image File Name in the FileName field. Then click on the Upload button on the far right of your screen (scroll to the right if you need to)

Note that you can also assign an expiration date to this image. After the date you designate, the image will no longer appear on your web page, although it will stay in your image library/database.

Click on OK. You have now added that image to your Library.

This page was last reviewed Saturday, April 04, 2009