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SEO Link Reciprocation

The SEO Link Reciprocation Add-on creates a list of links on your site that point to your Link Partner sites.

What is SEO Link Reciprocation

The object of link reciprocation is to encourage others to create links to your site. Search engines will increase your rank if it finds many sites pointed to yours.
You encourage them to point to your site by pointing a link to theirs, and asking for a reciprocating link. You should do this as part of your search engine optimization work.
With the SEO Link Reciprocation Add-on, when you find a likely site, go to your Links page and click the add link. Fill out the form to setup your link to them. Then email them and ask for a link back. Some sites will link back. The others you can delete.

To add SEO Link Reciprocation

Go to the Add-on Manager (Navigator >> Tools >> Add-on Manager). In the Collection Library Tab, select the SEO Link Reciprocation entry and Click OK. The Add-on will install itself.

Once installed, you add the Add-on to any page by editing the page, putting the cursor where you want the list, and selecting SEO Link Reciprocation from the Add-ons List.

Setting up Link Reciprocation

To allow others to add themselves without approval, turn on advanced edit and click the Instance options above the add-on. Check the check box for Allow Auto Approval.

To add categories for your Link Partners, go the the admin site, and Open the Navigator >> Manager Add-ons >> SEO Link Reciprocation folder. Click on Partner Categories and hit the add button.

Setting up the automatic email notification

The Add-on sends a notification each time someone comes to your site and requests a Reciprocation Link. The first time it is run, it creates the email. To setup the email to send to your email address, setup the Link Reciprocation Add-on on a page and fill out the Partner Request. When you hit OK, the system will create a System Email. Go to the Admin site Navigator >> Manager Email >> System Emails and edit the new email. Add yourself as the notification contact, or if you want to send it to multiple addresses, send it to a group.