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The Contensive support blog discusses enhancements and general how-to for content managers and designers working with Contensive.

Five Ways to Make Website Email More Effective

Communicating with email from your website is easy, but to be effective you have to pay attention to details and be consistent. Here are five ways to ...

Posted 4/3/2013 3:53:27 PM

Happy Holidays!

Naturally things are slowing down. More time to attend to details like the new /Learning-Center updates. All Add-on information goes to the Reference...

Posted 12/23/2011 3:01:59 PM

Changes to the Admin Navigator

Thanks to client feedback, there are a couple changes coming to the Navigator in the administration site. The goal of the changes is to help decrease ...

Posted 12/21/2011 4:35:33 PM

Managing Many Sites from One Contensive Site

First, this is not about having multiple domain names pointing to one website. That is a bad idea. This is about multiple websites 'within' your one C...

Posted 10/4/2011 5:47:34 PM

Tracking emails you believe were not sent

This post will help address the frustration when you believe you have not received an email from your site. Although it is possible that the missing e...

Posted 9/26/2011 11:46:52 AM