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Tracking emails you believe were not sent

This post will help address the frustration when you believe you have not received an email from your site. Although it is possible that the missing email is related to a technical problem with the site, there are other areas to check that may resolve your issue more quickly.

Check Your Spam Folder

About half of the support tickets we get involving email issues are related to the spam filtering at the receiving end. Please check there first. There can be many reasons why one email might go to spam and others will not. If your email is going to your spam folder, check with your email administrator to find out why. We might be able to help resolve the issues they identify.

Check Your People Record

Edit your people record and verify the email address is correct and the check-box, "Allow Group Email" is checked. The most common issue with bad email addresses are when an administrator tests a new form and over-writes their email address.

If you have ever click the opt-out message in the footer of your emails to block future emails, this will un-check the Allow Group Email box. Unfortunately however, in this case re-checking the box is not enough. You may have the add-on to manage your email block list, but in most cases need to email to remove your email address for the block list.

Check the Group

If the email being sent is going to a group, verify you are in the group. Make sure any expiration date is not passed.

Check the Email Log

Under Manage Email, click the Email Log link. This log contains an entry for most emails sent. A blank status or a status of "OK" means there were no problems. If there is a log entry here, the email was created and passed to the email server to be sent. If your server is configured to send email through a corporate SMTP server, that is the next place to check.

The time and date in the email log will tell your email administrator when the email should have been received by their mail server. At this point you should contact them with this information.

If there is no email log entry and all the other checks on this page are fine, please send these details to us at

Posted 9/26/2011 11:46:52 AM