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Creating a New Addon Collection

This tutorial shows you how to create a new Addon Collection. The Collection we will create here will include one addon.

The purpose of an Addon Collection is to gather all the elements of an application feature into one single location that can be exported and installed in other sites.

You should already have create a new addon.

Create an Add-on Collection

  1. On the Admin Navigaor on the left, open:

    Manage Add-ons >> Advanced >> click on Add-on Collections.

    You will see a list of all the Add-on Collections installed on the site.

  2. Click the Add button to create a new Add-on Collection. 

    You will see a new add-on collection record.

    Set the name. I will use "Sample Collection"

    Click OK at the top of the page to save the Add-on Collection and exit the edit page.
Add and Add-on to the Add-on Collection
  1. On the Admin navigator on the left, open:

    Manage Add-ons >> Advanced >> click on Add-ons.

  2. Edit the add-on you want to include in the collection.

    In this case I will edit the add-on I created in the earlier tutorial, names "Sample Addon"

  3. In the field marked "Collection", select the add-on collection you just created.

    In this case I will select "Sample Collection"

  4. Click OK to save and exit the editor.

    The add-on is now in the Add-on Collection. You can test this by opening the Admin Navigator on the left:

    Manage Add-ons >> Sample Collection >> click on Sample Addon