This is the login panel redirects

To add pages with redirects to, follow the instructions below:

1. Login and click on ADMIN. 


3. Click ADD. 

4. In the DETAILS tab add the NAME of the page, such as TruckloadAcademyTAT. 

5. In the NAVIGATION tab: 

A. Add the MENU LINK OVERRIDE in that field, such as

B. In the PARENT PAGE field, select TruckloadAcademyLinks. 

6. In the LINK ALIAS tab, type in the link alias you want to use, such as TAT.

7. Click OK to save the page.

To change where the following pages on are redirected, you will log in and click on ADMIN. Next click MANAGE CONTENT > PAGES. Search for all pages that start with the name truckloadacademy.

Find the page you want to change and click on the paper/pencil icon next to it. Make any desired changes and then click OK to save them.

(Only administrators have access to this page.)

This is a list of child pages that create redirects for the domain. pageCurrent Redirect