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Theme Manager Quick Import Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to use the Quick Import tool in the Theme Importer.

The purpose of the Theme Importer Quick Import to to scrape a template from an existing website and setup a Template record under Manage Design that can be used on the current site.

Capture a website page into a site template

  1. Install the Theme Manager from the Addon Manager.
  2. Go to Navigator >> Manage Addons >> click on Theme Manager
  3. Click on Quick Import at the top of the the page.
  4. In Template Name, enter "TestTheme". This name has to be unique, so if this template already exists either delete in the templates, or modify this name to make is unique.
  5. In Source URL, enter http://www.contensive.com.
  6. For Import, select Save To File
  7. Click [Begin Import]
  8. When complete, there will be a few errors relating to resources that could not be copied to the site because they are reserved. That is OK
  9. Go to Navigator >> Manage Design >> click on templates.
  10. Edit the new record named TestTheme
  11. It contains the an import statement with the filename that was created during the import, "Template_TestTheme"
  12. To see the file, use the Website File Manager (Navigator >> Tools >> click on Website File Manager) and edit the new template file. All the templates resources will be that as well.

Use the new TestTheme for a page

  1. Go the the public site for your website and turn on Edit.
  2. Navigate to a page you want to convert to the new template, or add a child page.
  3. Edit the new page.
  4. Go to the Features tab, and select Test Theme in the Template selector.
  5. Hit OK to save the page and when you return to the public site, it will use the new template