Class Description
Public class AddonBaseClass The base class for all Contensive add-ons.
Public class CPAddonBaseClass CP.Addon - The Addon class represents the instance of an add-on. To use this class, use its constructor and open an addon. Use these properties to retrieve it's configuration
Public class CPBaseClass CP - The object passed to an addon in the add-ons execute method. See the AddonBaseClass for details of the addon execute method.
Public class CPCacheBaseClass CP.Cache - contains features to perform simple caching functions
Public class CPContentBaseClass CP.Content - contains features related to the content engine
Public class CPCSBaseClass CP.CS - The primary interface to the database. This object is similar to a recordset. It includes features of the content meta data. When a record is inserted, the default values of the record are available to read.
Public class CPDbBaseClass CP.Db - This object references the database directly
Public class CPDocBaseClass  
Public class CPEmailBaseClass  
Public class CPFileBaseClass  
Public class CPGroupBaseClass  
Public class CPHtmlBaseClass  
Public class CPRequestBaseClass  
Public class CPResponseBaseClass  
Public class CPSiteBaseClass  
Public class CPUserBaseClass  
Public class CPUserErrorBaseClass  
Public class CPUtilsBaseClass  
Public class CPVisitBaseClass  
Public class CPVisitorBaseClass